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CheckVarsVBS.exe,  Version 1.00
Check VBScript code for unused variables and subroutines

Usage:    CheckVarsVBS.exe  "vbsfile"  [ /U ]  [ /S | /V ]

Where:    "vbsfile"         is the VBScript or HTA file to be examined
          /S                tests Subroutines only
                            (default: subroutines as well as variables)
          /U                list Unused subroutines and variables only
                            (default: list all subroutines and variables)
          /V                tests Variables only
                            (default: subroutines as well as variables)

Note:     The program's return code equals the number of unused subroutines
          and/or variables, or -1 in case of (command line) errors.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2017-03-25, 21:31