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DeDup,  Version 1.01
Remove duplicate lines from a text file or from redirected input

Usage:   DeDup.exe  "filename"  [ options ]
   or:   some_command  |  DeDup.exe  [ options ]

Where:   "filename"    is the file to be investigated
         some_command  is a command whose Standard Output is to be investigated

Options: /C            ignore Case
         /S            Sort results
         /T            Trim leading and trailing whitespace from output
         /W            ignore Whitespace (any combination of tabs and/or
                       spaces will be replaced by a single space in output)

Notes:   The filtered output is sent to the screen (Standard Output).
         In case of duplicate lines, only the first match is returned.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2017-03-25, 21:31