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Microsoft's new scripting shell

formerly known as Monad or MSH

Windows PowerShell 1.0 RtW (Release to Web) is available.


Getting started:

Uninstall any previous versions of Windows Management Framework 3.0, if applicable.

Download and install Windows PowerShell, the required .NET Framework and Windows Management Framework.

If you want to create and run your own PowerShell scripts, you need to digitally sign your scripts.
To create your own so called "self-signed" certificate you'll need makecert.exe that comes with the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK.

To learn more about signing your scripts, start a PowerShell shell, type help about_signing and read this text carefully.
Then type help Set-AuthenticodeSignature -detailed and read this text just as carefully.
You may want to redirect the text into two text files by using the following commands:

get-help about_signing > C:\about_signing.txt
get-help Set-AuthenticodeSignature -detailed > C:\Set-AuthenticodeSignature.txt

You can then keep and/or print the files C:\about_signing.txt and C:\Set-AuthenticodeSignature.txt for future reference.

After signing a script, and allowing scripts to run on your system, don't forget to start the command line with a dot to run the script (read the chapter on Parsing in the Getting Started Guide).


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"Powershell's help system is excellent! But the console window is not the best reading pane for looking through help documentation.
ShinyPower provides a windows application that brings out this help information, and lets you browse it in a more comfortable manner."

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For the French speaking scripters: by Arnaud Petitjean and Robin Lemesle.   French


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