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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.


For a file based list of changes look at the What's New list.

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• With the new IsDuplexPrinter.bat script you check if a printer is capable of duplex (two-sided) printing.
SystemTrayMessage.exe has been updated again: it now accepts \n for newlines and \t for tabs in its tooltip message.
An example to demonstrate its usage (requires CountDown.exe too):
SET Message=It is time for your daily backup.\nPlease save and close all documents,\nor press any key to skip the backup.
START /B SystemTrayMessage.exe "%Message%" /T:"Backup Time" /V:20 /S:186 /W
ECHO Press any key to skip the backup . . .
SET /P "=Seconds to start of backup: " < NUL
CountDown.exe 20
	ECHO Backup has been skipped . . .
	EXIT /B 1
SystemTrayMessage.exe "Your daily backup has been started" /T:"Backup Running" /V:20 /S:186
REM Insert your backup command here
SystemTrayMessage screenshot
SystemTrayMessage.exe has been updated:
• I wanted to have a script show a tooltip message balloon in Windows' system tray, so I wrote SystemTrayMessage.exe.
By default, it uses icon #277 from Shell32.dll in the tooltip balloon; use the program's /S:index command line switch to select an alternative icon.
My own Shell32Icons.exe can be used to browse the available icons and get their indexes.
• I updated my Attic Numerals Converter HTA to demonstrate CSS 3 compatibility (i.e. rounded button corners).
• I added a simple demo project and a tip on embedded images to the new HTAs page.
• I added a new page on HTAs to the VBScript Techniques section.
• Working on an HTA for a project, I struggled for hours on what turned out to be a stupid typo: an improperly terminated curly brace in the stylesheet!
So today I updated CheckVarsVBS.exe, which originally only checked VBScript (and HTA) code for unused variables and subroutines, but now also checks for some common typos in HTAs' head and for nested subroutines.
• Happy New Year!



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