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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.


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CheckVarsVBS.exe is an improved C# "follow-up" of the batch file of the same name.
I have been working on the batch file lately, but I found it was extremely slow, so I wrote this (fast) C# version.
The C# version will test VBScript code (pure VBScript or HTA) for declared but unused subroutines and variables. It assumes that all variables are declared using Dim statements; VBScript's own Option Explicit can handle undeclared variables.
• A bug in Hardware.hta has been fixed ("variable is undefined" error messages).
And despite promising results so far, today spawned Internet Explorer windows seem to pop up in the background again, instead of in the foreground. To be continued...
TrueName.bat has been updated.
I wrote it more than 10 years ago to get the true path of SUBSTituted or mapped network drives, mimicing COMMAND.COM's internal TRUENAME command.
The new version of the batch file now also returns the true path for NTFS directory junctions. To accomplish that, it uses DIR's /A:L switch on the specified path, and on its parent folder, and on that folder's parent folder, etc.
The batch file's junction functionality won't work in Windows NT 4, in that case it will just skip the test, but I doubt that will ever be a problem.
• A minor update for Hardware.hta: Thanks Russell
AllHelp.vbs has been updated: it now also includes Windows 10 version 1703's addition MBR2GPT.
GetSystemMetrics.dll is a new "wrapper" DLL for the WINAPI (user32.dll) GetSystemMetrics function.
Its usage in VBScript:

Set ObjMetrics = CreateObject( "RobvanderWoude.GetSystemMetricDLL" )
' Three ways to read property values
WScript.Echo ObjMetrics.SM_CMONITORS
WScript.Echo ObjMetrics.GetPropertyValue( "SM_CMONITORS" )
WScript.Echo ObjMetrics.GetPropertyValue( 80 )
' Get the DLL's version
WScript.Echo ObjMetrics.GetVersion( )
' List all available property names
WScript.Echo ObjMetrics.ListPropertyNames( )
' List all property names and their values
Wscript.Echo ObjMetrics.ListPropertyValues( )
' Show this help text
Wscript.Echo ObjMetrics.GetHelp( )

To use this DLL it needs to be registered once; I included a batch file to register the DLL in the ZIP file.



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