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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.


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• Robert Van Etta notified me that Windows 10's CMD console has built-in ANSI features.
Those features were missing in Windows NT 4 through Windows 8.1.
Robert even wrote a demo batch file showing a "bouncing snake" to demonstrate the ANSI features.
This batch file uses FORFILES to generate the Escape characters, very smart!

Thanks Robert
ChkPath.vbs has been updated to improve the handling of empty PATH entries.
The script helped me solve an instability issue on my own computer.
BirdName.exe has been updated: I had to adapt the regular expression used to read the list of supported languages from Wikipedia, to correctly handle Wikipedia's changed HTML source code.
• Besides 16 unwanted Silverlight updates, Windows Update presented 33 unwanted language packs too after my recent Windows Update crash.
So I took the code of DisableSilverlightUpdates.vbs and adapted it to create DisableLanguagePackUpdates.vbs.
Unlike DisableSilverlightUpdates.vbs, DisableLanguagePackUpdates.vbs has an optional command line switch /X to exclude some language pack(s) from being hidden.
• I had to fix an error in Windows Update, resulting in all previously hidden optional updates being offered once more.
I had hidden all Silverlight updates, having no intention to use or even install it.
However, Silverlight comes in 16 optional update packages, each of which has to be hidden separately.
I'm lucky to have found a script to automatically hide all Silverlight updates by Tony Marques.
Tony's script was written in JScript, I translated it into VBScript: DisableSilverlightUpdates.vbs.

Thanks Tony
• All tracking scripts (i.e. script based ads, custom search and analytics) are being removed from my site.
This will temporarily "contaminate" the What's New page.
• I used to maintain several different custom search engines to search for scripts on my site.
They have now all been replaced by a single "scriptless" custom search engine, powered by
The new custom search engine will display its query in the URL of the results page, so you can use that URL to save your queries.



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