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This alt.msdos.batch post by Raymond Zeitler suggests a simple batch file that uses Internet Explorer's shortcut format to look up words in the Encyclopaedia Brittanica

With the following three-line batch file and a web browser, you can lookup a 
word from the WinNT command line and perhaps from a Win9x one as well.

Enter the following three lines in a file called LOOKUP.BAT.  Note that line 
numbers were prefixed to remove ambiguity from line wraps.  Include a space 
between the %5 and the redirection characters. 

1:echo [InternetShortcut] >lookup.url
2:echo URL= %2 %3 %4 %5 

Try running it by entering LOOKUP AMBIGUITY at the command line.  Enjoy.

Thanks to .

You can also obtain stock quotes in a similar manner or perform searches with 
your favorite search engine....

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