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Failed Mail

Or: why do some people seem to fake their return address?

I get lots of questions by e-mail. Every once in a while, when I reply with an answer, the return address proves to be invalid.


Instead of just having wasted my time, I'll drop some of the answers on this page, so the answer may perhaps still find its way to the person it was intended for.


Albert Moreno (December 17, 2008)

Yes, it is possible to pass username and password using a WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1 object.
Either use an URL construct like this:, or use the object's SetCredentials( ) method, as explained here.



Sometimes the problem is at the receiving end

September 2014, Yahoo decided to refuse incoming mail from my provider's mail server (
Please use an alternative, non-Yahoo e-mail address if possible.


Natalie (September 2014)

Please try the latest BatCodeCheck.exe.



And sometimes businesses just seem to vanish

A sudden DNS error after months of regular e-mail communication?

Wayne (March .. May 2016)

Please contact me about your custom backup script.

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