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Tips, comments & questions

Please send your comments, tips, enhancements, etc. as unencrypted text-only messages to moc.eduowrednavbor@ofni .
Note that not all submitted scripts will be published on this site.
To be published, a script (or scripting technique) first of all needs to be useful to other visitors.
So keep submissions generic, and avoid too much detail.

If you need help with your scripts, don't hesitate to ask, after using the Search function from the menu and reading the FAQ, these general considerations and questions.
I do request that you read the accompanying text before you start asking questions about sample scripts.
I'm afraid I'll have to stop answering RTFM type questions, I simply get too many of these.

I try to answer all e-mail I get (except spam and obvious RTFM type questions).
However, too often I get a return message telling me the answer was undeliverable.
Please make sure you didn't mask or otherwise corrupt your "From" e-mail address if you expect me to answer your e-mail.

September 26, 2014     If you have a Yahoo e-mail address, chances are you'll never receive an answer from me.
Yahoo decided to (temporarily?) not deliver mail coming from my provider's mail server (
Please send your messages using an alternative, non-Yahoo e-mail address.

Please, do not send attachments, or your message will automatically be marked as spam!

Messages without subject are often removed by my spam filters!

Speaking of filtering: there is always a slim (?) chance that your message won't make it through my chain of spam filters.
If you don't get an answer within 3 working days, retry using a different text and subject (don't use all upper case and avoid obvious spam filter trigger words).

Requests for scripts

I also write scripts on request, on a commercial basis.

For details, contact me at moc.eduowrednavbor@ofni

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With thousands of unique visitors every working day, your ads will get lots of exposure.
Some things you need to know about advertising on this site:

  1. Advertisements must and will be made recognizable as ads (i.e. either graphics or text placed inside a border with caption "sponsored link" or similar designation)
  2. No "sponsored posts"
  3. Advertisements must be targeted at this site's audience
  4. I reserve the right to refuse or remove ads at my own discretion
  5. Have mercy on my visitors: flashing graphics and videos will be rejected
  6. Local graphics only ("tracking pixels" are not acceptable)
  7. No scripts, nor any other type of active content (e.g. Flash)
  8. Advertisements will be excluded when the page is printed
  9. I often get e-mails I don't understand at all, even though they contain many English words... I have a technical background, so please try to communicate without too much advertisers' jargon

For details, contact me at ln.eduowrednavbor@ofni
(to prevent excessive spam, hotmail, gmail, live and yahoo addresses are blocked at this account).

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