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Getting started with Regular Expressions

The interpreter is the "engine" that executes scripts. Regular expressions are used in other languages, so you only need an interpreter for that language.
For scripting languages without built-in regular expression support, you'll need additional software, like Patrick McPhee's RexxRE for Rexx, or EGREP or RxGrep for DOS/Windows.
Development software:
EDIT (MS-DOS), Notepad (Windows), E (OS/2), or any other ASCII editor will do, as will your editor or IDE for your scripting language. Like the scripts themselves, a regular expression is "just" a string of text.
To help you write your regular expressions, several expression builders & evaluators are available.
Help files:
Online reference and tutorial:
Library of expressions: Regular Expression Library.
I compiled a list of books on regular expressions.
Start by examining sample scripts using regular expressions and exploring other regular expressions related sites.
regex newsgroup

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