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Interview with Jeffrey Snover - Monad Software Architect

Windows PowerShell Blog

Sapien's scripting blog.

TechNet Script Center: Scripting with the Windows PowerShell.
A great starting point to find references, articles, sample scripts and more.

Guy Thomas' PowerShell section.

Who said PowerShell is limited to text mode? Have a look at these PowerGadgets.

For the French speaking scripters: by Arnaud Petitjean and Robin Lemesle.   🇫🇷


Arul Kumaravel's MSH Language Quick Start

The newsgoup and's PowerShell forum

Arul Kumaravel's PowerShell cheat sheet for cmd.exe users

TechNet Script Center: Converting VBScript Commands to Windows PowerShell Commands.

TechNet Script Center: What Can I Do With Windows PowerShell?, A Task-Based Guide to Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

Using Visual Studio Code for PowerShell development


Download the latest PowerShell release at github.

Download and install Windows PowerShell, Windows Management Framework and .NET Framework.

PowerShell IDE, "The World's First PowerShell Editor" by Dr. Tobias Weltner.

PowerShell Analyzer, "a rich interactive environment for Windows PowerShell" (some might also call it an IDE).

PowerShell Help Tool (registration required), and ShinyPower, two windows GUI applications that bring out the PowerShell help information, and let you browse it in a more comfortable manner.

The PowerShell Guy's PowerShell WMI Explorer.
It combines the best features of WBEMTEST and Scriptomatic, for PowerShell.

Administrative Templates for Windows PowerShell.

Sapien's free tools page (registration required).

Visual Studio Code.


My own sample scripts

Windows PowerShell Script Repository

Sample PowerShell Scripts

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