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HTA & WSC Examples

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HTA & WSC examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾   ADSITest.hta   Test and debug ADSI queries 2007-06-19 Requires ADSI client software.
This HTA combines several sample script from Don Jones' book VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed: Using VBScript, WMI, and ADSI to Automate Windows Administration.
💾   AirReg.hta 1.04 Demo script using's API to lookup airplane data by its registration number 2020-02-15 This HTA is no longer supported; use the powershell GUI version instead.
💾   AtticNumerals.hta 1.00 Convert Attic numerals to decimal vv. 2016-01-31  
💾   BirdName.hta 2.12 Translate animal species (chordata) names from one language to (m)any other language(s) 2013-11-14 Discontinued; succeeded by BirdName.exe (witten in C#).
💾   CalDemo.hta 1.01 Demonstration of Microsoft's Calendar HTML Component 2007-02-09 Automatically checks for updates and availability of control component.
💾 CreateBackupScript.hta   Wizard to generate backup scripts and schedules 2016-01-05  
💾   GetDate.hta   Calculate dates like "what date will Wednesday week 23 be in 2017?", or "what day of the week is the 30th of next month?" 2010-11-05  
💾   Hardware.hta 9.02 Display basic as well as detailed hardware summaries 2023-04-09  
💾   Holidays.hta 3.12 Calculate the dates for future and past holidays 2013-05-24 Also available as on-line PHP version
Optional automatic on-the-fly update feature.
💾 MyFirstHTA.hta 1.00 HTA demo script 2018-01-14  
💾 PromptDemo.hta 1.00 Demonstration of Prompt, Confirm and Alert dialogs in HTAs 2013-10-15  
💾 Random.wsc 1.00 This WSC uses to retrieve true random integers 2007-08-15 Requires WinHTTP 5.1. 
💾 ResizeVideo.hta 1.00 Use FFMPEG to resize a video and save it in MP4 format 2021-05-06 Requires FFMPEG 4+
💾   Romans.hta 2.00 Convert Roman numerals to decimal vv. 2013-11-12 Also available as on-line JavaScript version
💾 RotateVideo.hta 1.00 Use FFMPEG to rotate a video and save it in MP4 format 2021-05-05 Requires FFMPEG 4+
💾   Software.hta 3.02 List installed software 2013-12-17  
💾   UpdateCheck.hta 1.40 Check if a newer version of the specified program is available, and if so offer to download it 2014-12-18 Requires UpdateCheck.ini and WinHTTP 5.1.
Adds a GUI to UpdateCheck.vbs; the HTA and VBScript versions share the same INI file.
💾 WhiteBackground.hta 1.00 Create a temporary white desktop background, e.g. to allow cleaner screen captures 2015-08-10 Right-click or press the ESC key to abort the HTA.
💾 WhoIs.wsc 1.01 WSC to query WHOIS for domain registration information 2007-06-14 See the Whois WSC section for more details.
💾   WMIGen.hta 9.03 Generate Batch, C#, Delphi, F#, Java, JScript, KiXtart, Lua, Object Pascal, Object Rexx, Perl, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, VB .NET and VBScript code for WMI queries 2016-01-28 Discontinued; succeeded by WMIGen.exe (witten in C#).


Note: Unless stated otherwise, all HTAs automatically check for updates at startup.

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