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Getting started with Rexx scripting

The interpreter is the "engine" that executes scripts. OS/2 and other IBM OSs all natively support Rexx. For other OSs you'll need to get a third party Rexx interpreter.
Development software:
EDIT (MS-DOS), Notepad (Windows), E (OS/2), or any other ASCII editor will do. Like most scripts, a Rexx script is an ASCII text file with a .cmd (OS/2) or .rex (other OSs) extension.
Rexx on its own hardly has any OS related functionality, so you may want to install RexxUtil and W32Funcs too.
Help files:
Regina and (Open) Object Rexx come with their own documentation in HTML and/or PDF. provides a long list of Rexx tutorials.
I compiled a list of books on Rexx scripting.
Start by examining sample Rexx scripts and exploring other Rexx related sites.

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