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There is nothing wrong with a simple editor like EDIT or Notepad.
In fact many of the older pages on this site were created with OS/2's "E" (OS/2's Notepad equivalent) and, later, File Commander's built-in text editor.
But sometimes an editor with built-in support for one or more scripting languages can help speed up our code writing.
And some editors have evolved to full-blown multi-language IDEs.

What to look for in editors?
That depends entirely on what you are going to use it for.

Do you want to use it for a single scripting or programming language only?
If so, try the editors and IDEs specializing in that language.
And look for built-in debuggers, compilers/packagers, and if your language of choice is object aware, object browsers.

Some editors don't have their own debugger, but do support external debuggers.
The same goes for compilers/packagers.

To me, an important feature in specialized editors is the capability to run the script within the editor itself and view the script's output in a window.
Most editors with this option also support at least external debuggers. These are, in fact, IDEs.

In case you want a "universal" editor, you may find some with syntax highlighting and word lists for all the languages you'll be using, but features like debugging and compilation will be a "challenge" at least. The best you can hope for is support for external debuggers.

You may also want to look at snippets/code libraries, and regular expressions based search and replace options.
And customizable tools, which means you can add your own (external) tools to the editor's menu.

Download the trial versions, and test, test, test and test.

A note on the features listed in the "Features" column:

Hover your mouse over, or click on, the "codes" (like "LT" or "DILOT") in the "Features" column to get a human readable list of selected features.
Hover your mouse over, or click on, the "Features" column header to see the list of selected features I have looked for. I'll list them here as well:

D Integrated Debugger
I IntelliSense ™ like code completion
L Snippets Library
O COM Object browser
P Integrated script Packager
T Configurable external Tools and macros
V Code Validator

This list is by no means "complete".
I did not buy and/or try all editors listed here.
For comparison, I tried to find lists of all features on the manufacturers' web sites, in help files or (for the programs I "own") in the menus.
However, I cannot guarantee the list is 100% accurate.
Features may have been overlooked by me, or may have been added or discontinued afterwards by the authors.
In some cases, like debuggers, it wasn't always clear if the editor/IDE comes with an integrated debugger or supports only external debuggers. Besides, "not all debuggers are created equal", some seem to do a syntax check only, others support break points and variable view windows.

Note that some features are available only after purchasing a license (e.g. the integrated packager in VbsEdit).

And there are more, other features than the ones I listed here.
Feel free to send me corrections for this list.
Again, to get (close to) 100% certainty, download the program's trial version, and try for yourself.

Script Editors, IDEs & Validators
Product Name Programmer / Manufacturer Supported Scripting Languages Features Download Purchase
Amaya W3C HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, MathML, SVG   Download Amaya Free
Arachnophilia P. Lutus HTML
Download Arachnophilia Careware
Authentic Browser Edition Altova XML
Download Authentic Browser Edition Free
Authentic Desktop Edition Altova XML
Download Authentic Desktop Edition Free
AxScripter IEInspector Software LLC JavaScript, JScript, VBScript, HTML
Download AxScripter Purchase (AxScripter}
BatCodeCheck (Batch Code Checker) Rob van der Woude NT batch
Download BatCodeCheck Free
BatHL (Batch code HighLighter) Rob van der Woude NT batch
Download BatHL Free
Boxer Text Editor Boxer Software AutoIt, C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JScript, KiXtart, PHP, Python, VBScript & more
Download Boxer Text Editor Purchase (Boxer Text Editor}
BrineSoft Script Editor BrineSoft JScript, VBScript, WSF
Download BrineSoft Script Editor Purchase (BrineSoft Script Editor}
CodeLobster Free CodeLobster Software HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS   Download CodeLobster Free Free
CodeLobster Lite & Professional CodeLobster Software HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL   Download CodeLobster Lite & Professional Purchase (CodeLobster Lite & Professional}
Eclipse PHP Development Tools Zend HTML, PHP
Download Eclipse PHP Development Tools Free
Editeur Studioware Cobol, HTML, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Rexx & XML; other file types can be configured manually
Download Editeur Purchase (Editeur}
EditPad Lite JGSoft Text (DOS & Unix, ASCII & Unicode) & HTML; other file types can be configured manually   Download EditPad Lite Free
(for non-commercial use)
EditPad Pro JGSoft batch, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, XML & many more
Download EditPad Pro Purchase (EditPad Pro}
EditRocket Richardson Software batch, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, XML and more
Download EditRocket Purchase (EditRocket}
EmEditor Standard Edition Emurasoft 50+
Download EmEditor Standard Edition Purchase (EmEditor Standard Edition}
EmEditor Professional Edition Emurasoft 50+
Download EmEditor Professional Edition Purchase (EmEditor Professional Edition}
foxe (firstobject xml editor) firstobject XML, HTML   Download foxe Free
HtaEdit (included in VbsEdit) Adersoft HTA
Download HtaEdit Purchase (HtaEdit}
JsEdit Adersoft JScript
Download JsEdit Purchase (JsEdit}
JustStyle CSS Editor UCWare CSS   Download JustStyle CSS Editor Shareware
Komodo Edit ActiveState CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML   Download Komodo Edit Free
Komodo IDE ActiveState CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML
Download Komodo IDE Purchase (Komodo IDE}
LINQPad Joseph Albahari LINQ
Download LINQPad Free
MemPad Horst Schaeffer plain text   Download MemPad Free
Notepad++ Notepad++ team batch, KiXtart, Perl, VBScript & many more
Download Notepad++ Free
nPad2 Source Viewer/Editor Nikola Dachev HTML, PHP, ASP, C++, Object Pascal, Java, Basic, CSS, JavaScript, SQL   Download nPad2 Source Viewer/Editor Free
OnScript XLnow VBScript, JScript, WSF, WSC, batch files, HTA, INI files, PerlScript and Python
Download OnScript Purchase (OnScript}
Open Perl IDE Jürgen Güntherodt Perl
Download Open Perl IDE Free
Perl Express Perl Express Group Perl
Download Perl Express Purchase (Perl Express}
PerlEdit IndigoStar Perl
Download PerlEdit Purchase (PerlEdit}
PFE (Programmer's File Editor) Alan Phillips Configurable   Download PFE (Programmer's File Editor) Free
phpDesigner MPSOFTWARE PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Download phpDesigner Purchase (phpDesigner}
PoshGUI Maciej Obuchowski PowerShell GUI   Free
PowerPad PowerLocker PowerShell   Download PowerPad Free
PowerShell Analyzer ShellTools PowerShell
Download PowerShell Analyzer Free
PowerShell IDE Dr. Tobias Weltner PowerShell
Download PowerShell IDE Free
PowerShell Plus Idera PowerShell (editor: C#, HTML, PowerShell, VB.NET, XML)
Download PowerShell Plus Free
PrimalScript Scripting IDE (Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions) Sapien 39+
Download PrimalScript Scripting IDE (Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions) Purchase (PrimalScript Scripting IDE (Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions)}
Professional Notepad ATech Group HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, PERL, SQL, Delphi, C++   Download Professional Notepad Purchase (Professional Notepad}
Programmer's Notepad Simon Steele Configurable
Download Programmer's Notepad Free
PSPad Jan Fiala batch, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, KiXtart, Perl, PHP, Python, Unix ShellScript, VBScript and 120+ other languages   Download PSPad Free
Script Debugger IDE Stas Semenov ActiveX (ASP, VBScript & more), CSS, HTML
Download Script Debugger IDE Purchase (Script Debugger IDE}
Simple CSS CSS   Download Simple CSS Free
SystemScripter VBScript
Download SystemScripter Purchase (SystemScripter}
TextPad Helios Software Solutions HTML, Java, Pascal, VBScript & more   Download TextPad Purchase (TextPad}
UltraEdit IDM Computer Solutions almost all
Download UltraEdit Purchase (UltraEdit}
UEStudio '06 IDM Computer Solutions almost all
Download UEStudio '06 Purchase (UEStudio '06}
VbsEdit Adersoft VBScript
Download VbsEdit Purchase (VbsEdit}
VIM "highly configurable"   Download VIM Careware
Visual Studio Code Microsoft C++, C#, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, PowerShell, Python, TypeScript
Download Visual Studio Code Free
WEB-ED JSWare (D)HTML, CSS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript
Download WEB-ED Free
XMLFox RustemSoft XML   Download XMLFox Free
XMLFox Advance RustemSoft XML   Download XMLFox Advance Purchase (XMLFox Advance}
XML Notepad 2007 Microsoft XML, HTML   Download XML Notepad 2007 Free
Download XMLSpy Purchase (XMLSpy}
ZionEdit Zionmaster C/C++ (Java), Perl, Ruby, Python, LISP, HTML (+JavaScript, PHP etc), Fortran77-9X, Makefile & Batch file   Download ZionEdit Free


Note: BatCodeCheck and BatHL are not editors, but batch file validators


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