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Rexx Scripting Tools

Rexx Interpreters
Interpreter Available for Remarks
DOS Windows OS/2 Unix Others
Regina Rexx Checked Checked Checked Checked Checked  
R4   Checked        
BRexx Checked Checked     Checked  
REXX/imc       Checked    
IBM's Object Rexx   Checked Checked Checked    
Open Object Rexx   Checked   Checked    
ROO   Checked        
Rexx Libraries (1)
Library Available for Remarks
DOS Windows OS/2 Unix Others
RexxUtil (2)   Checked Checked Checked   Lots of system related functions, native in OS/2
W32Funcs   Checked       Registry and other Windows related functions
RxIni     Checked     Read Windows style INI files in OS/2
RexxLib     Checked     Many OS/2 functions
RexxMath   Checked       Math functions
RexxRE   Checked Checked     POSIX compliant Regular Expressions
Rexx/SQL   Checked Checked Checked   Database functions
RexxXML   Checked       XML functions
Rexx Editors, IDEs, Compilers & more
Product Description Programmer / Manufacturer Download Purchase
Editeur Editor Studioware Download Editeur trial version Buy Editeur now
PrimalScript Scripting IDE (Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions) Editor Sapien Download PrimalScript trial version Buy PrimalScript now
Rexx/Wrapper Rexx compiler / packager Mark Hessling Download Rexx/Wrapper Freeware
Rexx2Exe (for OS/2) Rexx compiler / packager Dennis Bareis Download Rexx2Exe for OS/2 Free
Rexx_Exe (for OS/2) Rexx compiler / packager Veit Kannegieser Download Rexx2Exe for OS/2 Free
REXXCC (for OS/2) Rexx compiler / packager Bernd Schemmer Download REXXCC for OS/2 Free
RXCLS (for OS/2) Rexx compiler / packager Steven Higgins Download RXCLS for OS/2 Shareware
UltraEdit Editor IDM Computer Solutions Download UltraEdit trial version Buy UltraEdit now
UEStudio '06 IDE IDM Computer Solutions Download UEStudio trial version Buy UEStudio now
WMIGen (a.k.a. WMI Code Generator) WMI query generator Rob van der Woude Download WMIGen Free for personal use


Note: (1) Some Rexx libraries can only be used with some specific Rexx interpreters. Check the libraries' documentation.
  (2) OS/2 comes with its own native RexxUtil; the current version of Regina Rexx includes RexxUtil

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