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Getting Started with ADSI Scripting

Operating System:
Any Windows version that supports Active Directory, and of course, an Active Directory. Because of the huge impact ADSI script may have, use a test domain or forest to prevent disasters.
ADSI is not limited to a single language or interpreter, but can be used in several languages.
Client software:
The ADSI client software is installed by default on "domain members" with Windows ME/2000 and later versions.
For Windows 95/98/NT 4 install the Active Directory Extension for Windows NT 4.0 (yes, this is also suited for Windows 95/98).
Development software:
As far as I know, there no longer are any ADSI query generators available, since Microsoft discontinued its ADSI Scriptomatic.
My own ADSITest HTA can assist you in testing and debugging your ADSI queries.
Help files:
Read Microsoft's online Active Directory Service Interfaces Quick-start Tutorials.
And use Microsoft's online Active Directory Service Interfaces Reference.
Explore ADSI related sites.

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