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Getting Started with ADSI Scripting

Operating System:
Any Windows version that supports Active Directory, and of course, an Active Directory. Because of the huge impact ADSI script may have, use a test domain or forest to prevent disasters.
ADSI is not limited to a single language or interpreter, but can be used in several languages.
Client software:
The ADSI client software is installed by default on "domain members" with Windows ME/2000 and later versions.
For Windows 95/98/NT 4 install the Active Directory Extension for Windows NT 4.0 (yes, this is also suited for Windows 95/98).
Development software:
As far as I know, at this moment only one ADSI query generator is available: the ADSI Scriptomatic.
My own ADSITest HTA can assist you in testing and debugging your ADSI queries.
Help files:
Read Microsoft's online Active Directory Service Interfaces Quick-start Tutorials.
And use Microsoft's online Active Directory Service Interfaces Reference.
I compiled a short list of books on ADSI.
Start by examining sample ADSI scripts and exploring other ADSI related sites.

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