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If you acquire a license for my software (e.g. WMIGen), your registration name and e-mail address (and for site and enterprise licenses the company name and address) will be stored on my computer.
The registration data is required to provide you with updates, so it will be kept for a long time; contact me if you want me to remove the stored information, but keep in mind that in that case I will no longer be able to provide you with updates.

Any tips, remarks or questions e-mailed to me will of course be saved in my e-mail folders.
They will not be transferred to any other person without your "written" (e-mailed) consent.

Any tips, remarks or questions posted to news groups will be considered public material and may be referred to on my web pages — including the author's name or nickname.
Please contact me if, in any way, you do not agree.

Your computer's IP address, browser, screen dimensions, domain name and the pages you visit on this site are logged by my hosting provider, as is required by European laws.

Keep in mind that if you click an external link, your browser will navigate to a different site, which will have its own privacy policy.
The privacy policy of is only valid for pages on



Cookies are used on some pages to display warnings only once, or to allow visitors to hide "legacy code" on a page.
In case you want to disble cookies entirely, go ahead, it won't inhibit navigation or access to this site.

Your current list of cookies for this site:


Cookie Name Cookie Type Expiration Description
mobileDevice Session On leaving this site Improve the mobile user experience, especially tables layout
collapseMenu Permanent 1000 days Determine the menu's behaviour when a selection is made (see the Menu section)
hideCDX permanent 61 days Remember your choice to hide the ChangeDetection explanation at the top of the News page
hideSection Permanent 31 days Remember your choice to hide sections with "legacy code" (mostly XP-specific code) in several pages



Advertisements and other sponsored links on this site will be recognizable as such.
All script-based ads have been removed and banned from this site recently.
Several downloads in the tools/downloads pages are "affiliate links".
I try to be as objective as possible in presenting available downloads; if I can earn a buck that's great, if I can't, too bad, but I'll include it anyway if I find it worthwhile.

Note that if you click on any external link, your browser will navigate to a different site, which will have its own privacy policy.

If you want to advertise on my site, contact me to discuss the details.


Link exchange

I do not exchange links.

If I think a site may be of interest to visitors of my own site, I will add a link, without any obligation for a "reverse link".

Please do not link to my site unless you think it may be worthwhile for your visitors.



JavaScript is used to support easy navigation through this site.
The menu depends heavily on JavaScript, though it will still work when JavaScript is disabled.

Listing the currently used cookies on this page relies on JavaScript.

The unit conversion page relies on JavaScript to calculate the converted values.
The demo on the Roman Numerals Converter also depends on JavaScript.

JavaScript is also used to set and read cookies on this site (see Cookies section)

Most pages on my web site can be read with any browser, though navigation may be a little clumsier without JavaScript.



This site does not use Java.



This site does not use ActiveX, as it would limit access to Internet Explorer only.



On some Windows NT related pages you may get a "popup message" (or dialog) showing extra information, when clicking on a hyperlink.
They are HTML/CSS/JavaScript based and are displayed in the same window.


Browser Compatibility

My goal is to make the information in these pages available to everyone, regardless of the browser or operating system used.
For desktops I think I achieved this goal, but do not expect the same ease of navigation with JavaScript disabled.
Mobile device compatibility is a work in progress... just started, actually.

This site uses JavaScript and CSS for its navigation.
This possibly limits the site to "modern" browsers like FireFox (any), Opera (9 and later?), and Internet Explorer 4 and later....

When I started creating this site, it was still feasible to test each page in most common browser versions. I also used to test each page in 3 different screen resolutions.
Things have changed. I simply don't have that many computers with different screen resolutions anymore.
I do occasionally test the pages on my laptop's 1280x800 screen using SIZER, but though that may change the window size, it doesn't scale down the browser fonts proportionally.
SIZER is also great for (preliminary) tests of mobile compatibility, the final tests are run on my smartphone though.

I test my pages with up-to-date versions of FireFox and Chrome on my desktop and smartphone.
If you do run into problems with any of my pages, please notify me at moc.eduowrednavbor@ofni ; state your browser version and (relevant) settings and the URL of the page that is causing the problem. I will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.


By default, the menu will not collapse itself when a selection is made.
So if you use the "Back" button, you will find the selected submenu opened on the previous page.

You can change that behaviour by selecting the checkbox below:

With this checkbox selected, the menu will collapse when a selection is made — but only on the page where the selection is made!

To change the menu collapse behaviour requires the permission to set a cookie.



Unless stated otherwise, these pages, the scripts presented and their sources are copyrighted freeware.
You may modify them, as long as a reference to the original code is included in the modified code.

However, it is not allowed to publish (copies of) my scripts on your own site, or distribute them on paper, CD or by whatever medium, without my prior written consent (hence copyrighted freeware).

Use these scripts entirely at your own risk.
Many of the techniques used in these scripts, including but not limited to modifying the registry or system files and settings, impose a risk of rendering the OS inoperable and losing data.
Unless you don't mind reinstalling the OS and losing data, make sure you have a verified full backup and the associated restore software available before running any of these scripts.
The author cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct nor consequential, caused by the use of, or inability to use the techniques or programs presented here, nor the programs' sources or part of the sources.

Use of any of the techniques, programs or sources presented here implies agreement with these terms.

All trademarks including but not limited to Microsoft, Windows, NT and Vista are used for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

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