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Exploring the Youless LS120 Energy Monitor

Note: I am in no way associated with PostFossil, the Youless' manufacturer, just an enthusiastic user of the device.



The Youless LS120 Enegy Monitor is a tiny piece of hardware to collect logging information from a "slimme meter" (smart meter) through its P1 port.
It connects to your local ethernet network, and allows you to access the collected data from a cell phone (using Wifi) or computer.

Once connected, you can easily get a summary by browsing to http://youless/

The device comes with some standard apps, and spreadsheets with macros to collect the data over a longer period than the device's 1 year limt; however, what I really like about it, is the ability to get at the raw data and present it any way I want.

The Youless "API" is well documented by TD-er.

page last modified: 2023-03-30