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Energy Logger Configuration Software

for Conrad's VoltCraft Energy Logger 3500 and 4000


Conrad's VoltCraft Energy Logger 3500 is a great device to measure and log electric power consumption.
However, the device's manual setup is... well... not too pleasing.

I knew the device could also be configured with a setup file on the SD card, and after some internet searching I found this page with info on the setup file format.
I also found some links to software to create a setup file, and more software to read the device's data, but unfortunately none of these worked on my Windows 7 system.

So for a start I wrote my own command line setup file creator in C#: EnergyLoggerConfig.exe.


EnergyLoggerConfig.exe,  Version 1.00
Create a binary configuration file for the VoltCraft Energy Logger 3500 or 4000

Usage:    EnergyLoggerConfig /dt:daytimetariff /nt:nighttimetariff [ options ]

Where:    daytimetariff      is the day time tariff for 1 kWh
          nighttimetariff    is the night time tariff for 1 kWh

Options:  /ID:deviceID       set device ID (0..9; default: 1)
          /12H               use 12 hour clock (default: 24 hour clock)
          /MDY               use date format M/D/Y (default: D-M-Y)
          /F:minutes         set time to specified number of minutes in future
                             to allow sufficient time to load the SD card into
                             the device (0..60; default: 1 minute)
          /C:currency        set currency: G = GB Pound, S = Swiss Frank,
                             U = US Dollar, E = Euro (default: Euro)

The settings will be written to a binary file named "setupel3.bin", located in
the current directory. It should be written to SD card and loaded into the
device in the specified number of minutes (/F switch) for optimal accuracy of
cost calculations. Once loaded, the device will erase the file from the SD card.
Detailed information on the setupel3.bin file format can be found at

Written by Rob van der Woude


The command line tool works fine, but I figured a GUI might make it much more intuitive.
Besides, by using dropdown lists for the choices, validation of those choices is no longer necessary.

Behold EnergyLoggerConfigGUI.exe


EnergyLoggerConfigGUI 1.01 screenshot


Press F1 for help:


EnergyLoggerConfigGUI 1.01 help text


The command line and GUI versions are both included in the ZIP file.

page last modified: 2023-03-24