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LAN Server Administators Tools

(Note: the following opening line was written years before the birth of WMI scripting.)

Nothing beats IBM's LAN Server RexxUtil if it comes to creating network administration tools.
It can be found as lsrxut.dll or, depending on the LAN Server version, in the \OS2CLNT directory of the LAN/Warp Server CD-ROM.

Most tools presented here are examples from the LAN Server RexxUtil documentation, to which I only added help screens if necessary.
Others, like LHomeDir and RHomeDir, don't use LAN Server RexxUtil at all, though their performance would probably improve if they did.
Finally, I also added some batch files to this list. At least the ones I think are of use to administrators.

The "LS or Peer" column states if the Rexx program may be used on LAN Server networks only or OS/2 Peer-to-peer as well.


💾 Click the floppy disk icons to download the ZIPped sources

LAN Server Administrators Tools
💾 Name Description LS or Peer
💾 AllFiles List all open files on server LS only
💾 DefPrn Shows the default printer and port for the current OS/2 workstation. It will even work for RPL workstations. both
💾 File Show who opened specified file on server LS only
💾 Files List open files on server for specified user ID LS only
💾 GetIP.cmd Batch file showing local PC's IP address both,
plus NT
💾 HostName Display host name for specified IP address both
💾 LastBoot Show date and time of last reboot for specified server.
More or less equivalent to my NT batch & VBScript scripts UpTime.bat and LastBoot.vbs.
💾 [1] LHomeDir
[2] RHomeDir
Restore home directory shares, either localy [1] or remotely [2] [1] both (1)
[2] LS only
💾 ListPRN.cmd Batch file that will list specified (NT) or all (NT and OS/2) network printers' UNC path both,
plus  NT
💾 NetShare List all shared resources on specified server or domain both
💾 WhoAmI Show LS info on workstation and current user
Also available for NT as WhoAmI.bat


Note: (1) Though LHomeDir will work on OS/2 Peer networks, it is rather unlikely that OS/2 Peer servers will contain home directories.


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page last modified: 2022-10-23