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Type (1) Product Description Programmer / Manufacturer Download Purchase
G ADSI Scriptomatic Generate & run VBScript ADSI queries Scripting Guys Download ADSI Scriptomatic Free
V BatCodeCheck (Batch Code Checker) Search batch code for common mistakes, vulnerabilities and bad practices Rob van der Woude Navigate to the BatCodeCheck product page Free for personal use
(donations welcome)
V BatHL (Batch Code HighLighter) Search batch code for unterminated quotes, parenthesis and variable names Rob van der Woude Download Batch Code HighLighter Free
(donations welcome)
V CheckVarsVBS Check VBScript code (pure VBScript or HTA) for unused subroutines and variables Rob van der Woude Download CheckVarsVBS Free for personal use
(donations welcome)
G HTA Helpomatic Generate code to build your own HTA Scripting Guys Download the HTA Helpomatic Free
(validation required)
O KS-Soft WMI Explorer WMI browser KS-Soft Download the KS-Soft WMI Explorer Free
G LINQPad LINQ IDE Joseph Albahari Navigate to the LINQPad download page Free
(except Autocompletion add⁃in)
M Log Parser 2.2 Universal query tool to text-based data (log files, XML and CSV files), Event Logs, Registry and Active Directory Microsoft Download Log Parser 2.2 Free
O OLE/COM Object Viewer Object browser & tester Microsoft Download OLEView Free
(validation required)
G PowerGUI PowerShell based management console/code generator Quest Software Download PowerGUI and join the discussions Free
G PowerShell Scriptomatic Generate & run PowerShell WMI queries Scripting Guys (2) Download PowerShell Scriptomatic Free
G Reg2Scr Read a registry key from any computer and generate KiXtart and VBScript code to recreate that registry key on any other computer Rob van der Woude Download Reg2Scr Free
(donations welcome)
O Sapien WMI Explorer WMI browser Sapien Technologies Download the Sapien WMI Explorer Free
D Script Debugger (Win98/Me) WSH debugging environment Microsoft Download Script Debugger Free
(validation required)
D Script Debugger (NT 4 & later) WSH debugging environment Microsoft Download Script Debugger Free
(validation required)
E Script Encoder Encode your scripts Microsoft Download Script Encoder Free
(validation required)
G Scriptomatic Generate & run WMI queries in the scripting language of your choice Scripting Guys (2.0) (2)
Jørgen Bigom (2.2)
Download Scriptomatic 2.2 Free
(validation required)
O TLViewer Lightweight Object Browser Mark Pryor Download TLViewer Free
G Tweakomatic Generate VBScript code to tweak Windows settings Scripting Guys Download Tweakomatic Free
(validation required)
G WBEMTest Test & run WMI queries Microsoft Native in Windows 2000 and later, or part of WMI CORE 1.5 for Windows 95/98/NT 4
G Windows Script Component Wizard Automate the process of creating script component (.WSC) files Microsoft Download the Windows Script Component Wizard Free
(validation required)
O WMI Administrative Tools (CIM Studio & WMI Object Browser) Browse and edit WMI object properties & methods Microsoft Download the WMI Administrative Tools Free
G WMI Code Creator Generate WMI queries in VBScript, C#, & VB .NET Microsoft Download the WMI Code Creator Free
G WMI Delphi Code Creator Generate and run WMI queries in Object Pascal (Delphi ™) The Road to Delphi Download the WMI Delphi Code Creator Free
M WMI Diagnosis Utility Diagnose and fix problems with the WMI service Microsoft Download the WMI Diagnosis Utility Free
O WMI Explorer Browse through WMI object properties & methods SAPIEN Technologies Download WMI Explorer Free
G WMIGen (formerly known as WMI Code Generator) Generate and run WMI queries in the scripting or programming language of your choice Rob van der Woude Download the WMI Code Generator Free for personal use
C XmlCsvReader Convert CSV files to XML Chris Lovett Download XmlCsvReader Free
G XPather Build/test/generate XPath queries (Mozilla add-on) Viktor Zigo Download/install XPather Free
(donations welcome)


Notes: 1: Types:
    C = Converter
    D = Debugger
    E = script Encoder
    G = code or query Generator
    M = Miscellaneous
    O = Object browser
    V = code or query Validator
  2: Though originally created and made available by Microsoft employees, the download is no longer available on and comes from instead.

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