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Type (1) Product Description Programmer / Manufacturer Download Purchase
G ADSI Scriptomatic Generate & run VBScript ADSI queries Scripting Guys 💾 Free
V BatCodeCheck (Batch Code Checker) Search batch code for common mistakes, vulnerabilities and bad practices Rob van der Woude 💾 Free for personal use
(donations welcome)
V BatHL (Batch Code HighLighter) Search batch code for unterminated quotes, parenthesis and variable names Rob van der Woude 💾 Free
(donations welcome)
V CheckVarsVBS Check VBScript code (pure VBScript or HTA) for unused subroutines and variables Rob van der Woude 💾 Free for personal use
(donations welcome)
G HTA Helpomatic Generate code to build your own HTA Scripting Guys 💾 Free
(validation required)
O KS-Soft WMI Explorer WMI browser KS-Soft 💾 Free
G LINQPad LINQ IDE Joseph Albahari 💾 Free
(except Autocompletion add⁃in)
M Log Parser 2.2 Universal query tool to text-based data (log files, XML and CSV files), Event Logs, Registry and Active Directory Microsoft 💾 Free
O OLE/COM Object Viewer Object browser & tester Microsoft 💾 Free
(validation required)
G PowerGUI PowerShell based management console/code generator Quest Software 💾 Free
G PowerShell Scriptomatic Generate & run PowerShell WMI queries Scripting Guys (2) 💾 Free
G Reg2Scr Read a registry key from any computer and generate KiXtart and VBScript code to recreate that registry key on any other computer Rob van der Woude 💾 Free
(donations welcome)
O Sapien WMI Explorer WMI browser Sapien Technologies 💾 Free
D Script Debugger (Win98/Me) WSH debugging environment Microsoft 💾 Free
(validation required)
D Script Debugger (NT 4 & later) WSH debugging environment Microsoft 💾 Free
(validation required)
E Script Encoder Encode your scripts Microsoft 💾 Free
(validation required)
G Scriptomatic Generate & run WMI queries in the scripting language of your choice Scripting Guys (2.0) (2)
Jørgen Bigom (2.2)
💾 Free
(validation required)
O TLViewer Lightweight Object Browser Mark Pryor 💾 Free
G Tweakomatic Generate VBScript code to tweak Windows settings Scripting Guys 💾 Free
(validation required)
G WBEMTest Test & run WMI queries Microsoft Native in Windows 2000 and later, or part of WMI CORE 1.5 for Windows 95/98/NT 4
G Windows Script Component Wizard Automate the process of creating script component (.WSC) files Microsoft 💾 Free
(validation required)
O WMI Administrative Tools (CIM Studio & WMI Object Browser) Browse and edit WMI object properties & methods Microsoft 💾 Free
G WMI Code Creator Generate WMI queries in VBScript, C#, & VB .NET Microsoft 💾 Free
G WMI Delphi Code Creator Generate and run WMI queries in Object Pascal (Delphi ™) The Road to Delphi 💾 Free
M WMI Diagnosis Utility Diagnose and fix problems with the WMI service Microsoft 💾 Free
O WMI Explorer Browse through WMI object properties & methods SAPIEN Technologies 💾 Free
G WMIGen Generate and run WMI queries in the scripting or programming language of your choice Rob van der Woude 💾 Free for personal use
C XmlCsvReader Convert CSV files to XML Chris Lovett 💾 Free
G XPather Build/test/generate XPath queries (Mozilla add-on) Viktor Zigo 💾 Free
(donations welcome)


Notes: 1: Types:
    C = Converter
    D = Debugger
    E = script Encoder
    G = code or query Generator
    M = Miscellaneous
    O = Object browser
    V = code or query Validator
  2: Though originally created and made available by Microsoft employees, the download is no longer available on and comes from instead.

page last modified: 2022-10-23