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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.

For a file based list of changes look at the What's New list.


Rtf2Txt.exe is a new program to extract the unformated text from a Rich Text Format (.RTF) file.
It uses a hidden Windows Forms RichTextBox to convert RTF to plain text (tip by Wendy Zang)
The code has also been added to my C# Code Snippets and PowerShell Code Snippets pages.

Thanks Wendy
Word2Txt.exe has been updated with Rtf2Txt.exe's functionality.
So now it can handle any file format recognized by Word if Word is installed, otherwise it can still handle .DOC, .DOCX, .ODT and .RTF files.
ODT2Txt.exe is a new program to read the plain text from an OpenOffice .ODT file without requiring OpenOffice.
Its code has been used in Word2Txt.exe too.


• Both Word2Txt.exe and Docx2Txt.exe have been updated:


Word2Txt.exe is a new program, combining a stripped down version of Word2Any.exe, and Doc2Txt.exe and Docx2Txt.exe.
If Word is available, the program will use Word to extract plain text from the specified document (which may have any format recognized by Word), if Word isn't available it will use one of the alternative approaches for .DOC and .DOCX files only.


Doc2Txt.exe is a new program to extract the unformated text from a .DOC Word file, without requiring Word.
From the outside, it looks similar to Docx2Txt.exe, but the different Word file formats .DOC and .DOCX require completely different approaches.
Docx2Txt reads a .DOCX file as a ZIP file containing the text file, whereas Doc2Txt treats .DOC files more or less as "garbled text", using regular expressions to extract only the required plain text.


• I added a PowerShell snippet I'm rather proud of: Calculate Easter date for any year in 6 lines of code (plus several more for comments, parameter handling and presentation of results; most relevant lines are 3, 4, 11, 13, 15 and 17).
I have seen many pieces of code, including my own Easter.bat, that most people, including myself, will never understand, but I hope this PowerShell code does make some sense 


Docx2Txt.exe is a new program to extract the unformated text from a .DOCX Word file, without requiring Word.
It treats the Word file as a ZIP file (this works with .DOCX format but not with .DOC), reads the content of Word\document.xml, and removes the XML tags.


Word2OpenOffice.exe is a simple console program to convert Word documents (.doc and .docx only) to OpenOffice (.odt) format.
It is basically a stripped down version of Word2Any.exe, with limited input formats and a single output format.


• Oops, a bug in GetSystemInformation.exe was fixed: it still accepts wildcards, but the specified argument must now match the complete property name, not just part of it (e.g. GetSystemInformation.exe window* will no longer return a match, while the previous version did return ActiveWindowTrackingDelay, DragFullWindows, PenWindows, etc.).


GetSystemInformation.exe had a minor update: it now accepts wildcards, e.g. GetSystemInformation.exe mouse*


• I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.



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