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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.


For a file based list of changes look at the What's New list.

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• A bug in DateDiff.bat has been fixed: the subroutine calculating the Julian date was too eager to strip leading zeroes without checking if there actually was one.
It took a bit of debugging to find the error, so the updated batch file has a number of new features, including verbose output and debugging.
I also added the option to specify an alternative date format, instead of the computer's local date format.
WMIGen.exe has been updated:
• A minor update for BirdName.exe:
• As of yesterday, this site supports secure connections ( besides the "classic" unsecure connections (
So far, most pages seem to work fine with a secure connection, but I haven't finished testing, yet, if all images and scripts and stylesheets and iframes still work.
• And as of tonight (20:30 GMT) all HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS.
BirdName.exe has been updated:
MultipleChoiceBox.exe is a new batch tool to present a list of choices as grouped checkboxes.
It was derived from RadioButtonBox.exe, but using checkboxes allows multiple selections, hence its name.
ConsoleState had a major update:
• Henrik Jensen sent me a message stating that using FIND to convert strings to upper case still works in Windows 10 (the text on my web page still said it was tested in XP only).
What's more: of the upcase methods shown here, it is the only one that also works for non-ASCII characters!

Thanks Henrik
RadioButtonBox.exe "final" has been released.
The latest feature is the optional command line switch /DE to remove duplicates from the list.
• A bug in WMIGen.exe's generated batch code has been fixed.
• Check out the (re)new(ed) WMI Queries for Hardware page if you need to collect hardware inventories.
• Besides specifying the number of rows, you can now specify the number of columns too for RadioButtonBox.exe (but not both).
• I added automatic window sizing to RadioButtonBox.exe.
RadioButtonBox.exe is a new batch tool to present a list of choices as grouped radio buttons.
It is equivalent to DropDownBox.exe, but with radio buttons instead of a dropdown list.
It is still in beta, I will be running more tests to check if the size and location of radio buttons work out for different scenarios.
• A minor update for isDST.exe: it has been recompiled to work with .NET Framework 2.0 to allow using the program on older systems.
There is no change in the program's functionality.
• A bug in InputBox.exe: the /I switch did not make all regular expressions case insensitive as intended; this bug has been fixed.
• Another update of DropDownBox.exe: So the sample code presented two days ago can be simplified:

WMIC.EXE Printer WHERE "Network=TRUE" Get Caption | DROPDOWNBOX.EXE "Select a network printer" "Network Printer" /K /S
DropDownBox.exe has been updated: it now accepts redirected input for its list.
This is demonstrated in the following code to select a network printer (enter as a single command line):

WMIC.EXE Printer WHERE "Network=TRUE" Get Caption | MORE.COM /E +1 | SORT | DROPDOWNBOX.EXE "Select a network printer" "Network Printer"

Note: MORE.COM /E +1 is required to remove the first line (the "Caption" header) from WMIC's output; or you can use FINDSTR.EXE /B /L /V "Caption" as an alternative.
PrinterSelectBox.exe has been updated:
InputBox.exe has been updated:
SystemTrayMessage.exe has been updated: when using the optional /W switch, the program will wait for the timeout to elapse or for the user to click the message, whichever occurs first.



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