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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.

For a file based list of changes look at the What's New list.


Due to, let's call it "health issues", I won't be able to spend much time on my site and on answering e-mails for a couple of months, so you may experience quite a delay in my responses.
I hope to be fully recovered by the end of 2020, and to be able to clear the backlog.

Until then: please be patient.


MessageBox.exe was updated:


• A bug in MessageBox.exe was fixed: cancelling would not always return errorlevel 2 even when it was supposed to.


MessageBox.exe was updated: if a Cancel button is used, cancelling will return errorlevel 2, whether by clicking the Cancel button, pressing the Esc key or Alt+F4; if no Cancel button is used, return code (errorlevel) will be 0 even when cancelled (this is a limitation of .NET's MessageBox Class).


CheckVarsVBS.exe has been updated: some false positives in its results were fixed.


BookFind.vbs, a script using Internet Explorer and Amazon's website to look up books by their ISBN or ASIN, has been updated:


Recycle.vbs has been updated:


Recycle.vbs has been updated:


• Recommended: Cyril Bois' online CyrilEx Regex Tester.
Besides testing your regular expression on a string, it also visualizes the regular expression.



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