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On this page I'll report on changes to my web site or related news items.

Don't expect a full-blown weblog, more like a list of highlights in shorthand.

For a file based list of changes look at the What's New list.


HasMouse.exe had a minor update (1.01): if a mouse was detected, the result is shown in green instead of in red.
HasMouse.exe had another update (2.00): I found that, unlike my earlier assumptions, .NET's System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation does return the actual number of mouse buttons, just like GetSystemMetrics does.
So I replaced the P/Invoke of GetSystemMetrics(43) by SystemInformation MouseButtons.
During testing the response times of the latest update were more or less equal to those of the old version if a mouse was detected, and slightly faster if no mouse was found.


GetDeviceClassGUID.bat has been updated:


• Health issues have kept me occupied for over 6 weeks, and may continue doing so for the near future.
For now I spend less time at my computer than I used to do, so it may take much longer before I reply to your mails.
HasMouse.exe is a new batch tool, using GetSystemMetrics to detect if there is a mouse available at this very moment.
Unlike WMI and SystemInformation, the result is not cached, and as far as I know this is the most reliable mouse detection available.
GetDeviceClassGUID.bat is a new progammers helper tool to find Windows' device class GUID(s) based on any device type found by DEVCON.
The batch file requires DeDup.exe and RxGrep.exe as well.


• I just added some PHP code to show the page load time at the bottom of each page.
The code was submitted by Ron on

print( "page loaded in " . number_format( microtime( true ) - $_SERVER["REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT"], 4 ) . " seconds" );

Thanks Ron
PDF Form Test has been updated again, it now recognizes Adobe Reader, Acrobat Standard and Pro, eXPertPDF, Foxit PDF Reader, Nitro PDF Reader and PDF-XChange Editor.
Besides, when printing the form, some additional debugging info will be printed.
• After 21 years, OpenAs.bat has been updated: it no longer requires a full path for the specified file.
The cost? It will open the file using its short 8.3 name.


• I wish you a happy 2024, may it turn out to be your best year so far.


PDF Form Test has been updated once more, it now recognizes Adobe Reader, Acrobat Standard and Pro, Foxit PDF Reader and PDF-XChange Editor.


PDF Form Test has been updated, it will now distinguish between unrestricted form fill software (i.e. Adobe and Foxit PDF Readers) and restricted software that will probably fail on calculations (e.g. browsers and file managers).


• I added a page with a simple PDF Form Test: all one needs to do is open the PDF, and it will tell whether your current PDF viewer is capable of handling interactive PDF forms or not.


WMIAlias.bat has been updated: its optional /SORT switch to sort the output by WMI class name now actually works.


AppendSilence.bat has been updated to avoid FFMPEG's "concat: unsafe file name" error, as discussed here at

Thanks guys


Count.exe is a new tool to count either files or matching lines of text.
It is similar to using FIND.EXE /C inside a FOR /F loop, but it may make your batch code more readable.
Native code to count executables in C:\Windows\System32:
FOR /F %%A IN ('DIR /B C:\Windows\System32\*.exe ^| FIND.EXE /C /I ".exe"') DO SET Count=%%A
vs Count:
Count.exe C:\Windows\System32\*.exe
SET Count=%ErrorLevel%

Did I mention it also is a lot faster?



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