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OS/2's AUTOFAIL command


A little off topic, maybe, since this isn't related to batch files or Rexx at all, but I would like to share this extremely useful tip with other OS/2 users.

Ever had those annoying messages, at boot time, telling you that one or more network connections could not be established when one of your computers is switched off?

I got these messages every time one of our 3 computers wasn't switched on, and they really annoyed me.

So maybe you can imagine how pleased I was when I found a note on the AUTOFAIL command in OS/2's online help:

Enables information about error conditions to be displayed.


Type this command in the CONFIG.SYS file; do not enter the command at the OS/2 command prompt.

This CONFIG.SYS statement allows the OS/2 operating system to display information about error conditions such as hard errors. A hard error is an error condition that requires you to reconfigure system or remove the source of the error before the system can resume reliable operation.

The system default is AUTOFAIL=NO, which causes a window to appear that informs you of an error condition. The YES parameter causes the appropriate error code to appear rather than a window.

AUTOFAIL Command: YES and NO parameters

Specify NO to cause a window to appear that informs you of an error condition.
Specify YES to have an error code to appear instead. The default is NO.

To cause an error code to appear, type the following in the CONFIG.SYS file:

WARNING: As allways, if you disable error messages, you need to check the screen at boot time -- or the error logs afterwards -- to determine if your system started OK.
Failure to do so may cause loss of data.

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