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Date Calculator

Version 0.13 Beta


Use this HTA to calculate dates.
The names of the weekdays and months will be displayed in English by default, and in French, German and Dutch on French, German and Dutch systems respectively.
Support for other locales is easily added, the list of locale IDs per country is included in the source code.
If you want me to include a specific locale, send me a translated list of the names of the weekdays (starting with Monday) and months, together with your locale ID, and I'll include them in the next version.
The locale ID can be found by starting this HTA with the /DEBUG command line switch.
Some simple examples:
GetDate Date Calculator
Assume that it is Thursday, November 30, 2006, and that we want to calculate what weekday November 30, 2007 will be.
GetDate: select another year from the drop-down list
GetDate: select another year from the drop-down list

Just select the next year from the drop-down list ...
GetDate: the new date is displayed
... and Friday November 30, 2007 is displayed.
Want to know the date next week?
Same trick, just increase the week by 1.
Want to know the date on Wednesday in week 7 of 2009?
GetDate: the new date is displayed
Select 2009, then week 7, and finally Wednesday, and you'll get February 11.


Change History

Version Release Date
0.13 Beta 2010-11-05 Split up a large line of code to prevent "Type Mismatch" errors on some Windows XP systems.
0.12 Beta 2006-11-06 Added support for French & German locales.
0.11 Beta 2006-10-31 Adjusted window size to allow large screen fonts.
0.10 Beta 2006-10-31 First public beta version.


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