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Basic Hardware Inventory

Version 9.02


This program in its current state could not have been created without the help of others.
Thanks to all the people involved, whether mentioned here or not.

The program was created using the Microsoft Scripting Guys' Scriptomatic 2.0 and HTA Helpomatic tools, and Adersoft's VBSEdit.

The decision to use the MSFT_PhysicalDisk class in the root/Microsoft/Windows/Storage namespace instead of the Win32_DiskDrive class in the root/CIMV2 namespace to get more reliable results was based on a PowerShell script by Kris Powell.

The Chassis routine was based on a script by Guy Thomas.

The HandleClass routine was based on the Microsoft TechNet ScriptCenter article Scripting Eye for the GUI Guy.

The code to maximize the window using JavaScript was based on Josh D'Alessio's.

WinPE detection was based on a tip by Mitch Tulloch.

The code to find the computer name in WinPE was based on Richie Schuster's.

Trick to embed an icon in the HTA by Emeric Nasi.

Steve Robertson thoroughly tested the program and sent me many bug reports, fixes, and suggestions for improvements.

Gary Johnson suggested to use DxDiag for video properties, and he also assisted in testing the DxDiag feature.

DMI (SMBIOS) details for the local computer are retrieved by DMIDecode for Windows, if installed.



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