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Barcode.exe,  Version 1.01
Generate barcode bitmaps using EAN-13 TrueType font

Usage:    BARCODE   outfile   text   [ options ]

Where:    outfile   is the output file path (type: bmp, gif, jpg, png or tif)
          text      is the text to be converted to barcode

Options:  /R:deg    Rotate by number of degrees (multiple of 90; default: 0)
          /S:size   font Size in pt  (default: 48)
          /B:color  Background color (default: white)
          /F:color  Foreground color (default: black)

Credits:  Code to convert text to bitmap by RaviRanjanKr:

          Font test by Jeff Hillman:

          EAN-13 font made available by

Notes:    If the required EAN-13 TrueType font is not installed, you will be
          prompted to download it.
          Though the font name may suggest that the barcode conforms to the
          EAN-13 standard, it does not! You have to validate the specified
          text yourself to make sure it is a valid EAN-13 code.
          Supported background and foreground colors are: Black, Blue *, Brown,
          Cyan *, Gold, Gray *, Grey *, Green *, LightYellow, Magenta *,
          Orange *, Pink, Red *, Silver, White, Yellow and YellowGreen (* means
          Dark and Light variants are also supported, e.g. DarkBlue).
          Return code ("errorlevel") equals the output image width in pixels,
          or -1 in case of errors.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05