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CheckPath.exe,  Version 1.00
Check if all directories in the PATH variable(s) really exist

Usage:    CheckPath.exe  [ /Quiet ]  [ /Verbose ]  [ /? ]

Where:    /Quiet     skips the popup message when errors are found
          /Verbose   shows extra information, i.e. full PATH variables
          /?         shows this help screen

Notes:    Each directory in the System PATH and the User PATH will be checked.
          If it exists, its name is displayed in green, otherwise in red.
          A counter keeps track of errors, i.e. empty PATH entries as well as
          directories that don't exist, and its count is used as the program's
          return code.
          Unless the /Quiet switch is used, a popup message will show the number
          of errors detected, if any, and explain how to correct this.
          If "OK" is clicked, the "System Properties" settings window's
          "Advanced" tab is opened: click its "Environment Variables" button and
          correct the errors. If "Cancel" is clicked, no settings window is
          opened, and the program terminates.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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