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CheckVarsVBS.exe,  Version 1.10
Check VBScript code for unused variables and subroutines

Usage:    CheckVarsVBS.exe  "vbsfile"  [ /S | /V ]  [ /U ]  [ /W ]

Where:    "vbsfile"         is the VBScript or HTA file to be examined
          /S                tests Subroutines and functions only
                            (default: test all)
          /U                list only Unused subroutines, functions, variables
                            (default: list all)
          /V                tests Variables only
                            (default: test all)
          /W                include Window_On* subroutines for HTAs
                            (default: ignore Window_On* subroutines in HTAs)

Notes:    When checking subroutines and functions, the program will also check
          for improperly terminated and nested subroutines and functions.
          For HTAs only, the following special subroutines are ignored
          (not listed in red, or not at all with /U switch) by default:
          Window_OnBeforeUnload, Window_OnBlur, Window_OnFocus,
          Window_OnHelp, Window_OnLoad, Window_OnResize, Window_OnUnload;
          use /W to treat them as ordinary subroutines.
          For HTAs only, unless checking for variables only (/V switch),
          this program will search the HTA's head for CSS style definitions,
          and check those for some common typos.
          JavaScript subroutines and variables in HTAs are ignored.
          The program's return code equals the sum of unused subroutines,
          functions and variables, or -1 in case of (command line) errors.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05