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ERROR:	Invalid number of command line arguments

CloneDate.exe,  Version 1.00
Modify the LastModified date (timestamp) of the target
file(s) to match the specified source file's timestamp

Usage:    CloneDate.exe  sourcefile  targetfiles

Where:    sourcefile     is the file whose timestamp is to be cloned
          targetfiles    are the files whose timestamp are to be modified
                         (single filespec, wildcards * and ? are allowed)
          /Debug         displays file name and timestamps before and
                         after modification for each matching file

Example:  CloneDate.exe C:\boot.ini C:\test.log
          will change C:\test.log's timestamp to match C:\boot.ini's

Notes:    Target filespec may include sourcefile (sourcefile will be skipped).
          Always be careful when using wildcards; they may also return matching
          "short" (8.3) file names (for backwards compatibility with FAT16).

Written by Rob van der Woude

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