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ConsoleState.exe,  Version 2.00
Set or get the visibility state of the current console

Usage:    ConsoleState.exe  [ /Hide | /Show [ options ] ]

Where:    /Hide         Hides the console
          /Show         Shows the console (restores visibility)

Options:  /Max          Maximizes the console
          /Min          Minimizes the console
          /Normal       restores the console to its Normal state
          /NoAct        do NotActivate the console window

Notes:    Command line switches /Max, /Min and /Normal all imply /Show.
          Options are valid only with /Show, not with /Hide.
          If no command line argument is used, the program will
          check the current state and return "errorlevel" 0 if
          visible, 1 if minimized, 2 if hidden, or -1 on errors.
          If a command line argument is used, the program will
          return "errorlevel" 0 if successful, or -1 on errors.

Credits:  Code to hide and show console by Anthony on

          Code to check current console state by "dtb" on

          Code to check if console is minimized Jim Tat on C# Corner:

          Console state enumeration on

Written by Rob van der Woude

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