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CountDown,  Version 2.01
Count down for the specified number of seconds or until a key is pressed

Usage:  COUNTDOWN  [ prefix ]  seconds  [ suffix ]  [ /R ]

   or:  COUNTDOWN  "prefix seconds suffix"  [ /R ]

Where:  prefix     optional prefix message for the counter, e.g. "Waiting "
        seconds    delay in seconds (1 .. 86400 = 1 second .. 24 hours)
        suffix     optional suffix message for the counter, e.g. " seconds"
        /R         return code equals the number of Remaining seconds
                   (default: return code 0 = OK, 1 = errors, 2 = key pressed)

Note:   COUNTDOWN "Wait " 20 " seconds" is equal to COUNTDOWN "Wait 20 seconds"
        In the latter notation the first number on the command line will be
        used for seconds, any following number will be included in suffix.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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