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Easter.exe,  Version 1.00
Calculate the date of Easter Sunday for the specified year

Usage:    Easter.exe   [ year  [ format ] ]

Where:    year         is the year to calculate Easter date for
                       (default: current year; see notes for before 100 AD)
          format       is the output format for the returned date: either
                       "short", "long" or a combination of 6..10 "y", "M",
                       "d" characters, hyphens, forward slashes, dots and/or
                       spaces (default: "yyyy-MM-dd")

Notes:    Easter Sunday is at the first Sunday after the first full moon at or
          after the Spring equinox, which for Easter calculations is assumed
          to be always at March 21.
          Years before 100 AD will be interpreted as 2000 + specified year.
          The program's return code equals the calculated date's DayOfYear
          value, or -1 in case of (command line) errors.

Credits:  Easter calculation explained:

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2020-03-25