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Epub2Txt,  Version 1.01
Extract plain text from an EPUB file and send it to the screen

Usage:   Epub2Txt    "epubfile"  [ encoding ]

or:      Epub2Txt    /E

Where:   epubfile    is the path of the EPUB file to be read
                     (no wildcards allowed, only .epub extension)
         encoding    force use of alternative encoding for plain
                     text, e.g. UTF-8 to preserve accented characters
                     or IBM437 to convert unicode quotes to ASCII
                     (default: encoding of EPUB file)
         /E          list all available encodings

Notes:   If the specified encoding does not match any available encoding
         name, the program will try again, ignoring dashes; if that does
         not provide a match, the program will try matching the specified
         encoding with the available encodings' codepages.
         Return code ("errorlevel") 0 means no errors were encounterd
         and some text was extracted from the file; otherwise the
         return code will be 1.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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