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FontSelectBox.exe,  Version 1.01
Batch tool to present a Font Select dialog and return selected font properties

Usage:    FONTSELECTBOX  [ fontname ]  [ options ]  [ /R:return ]

Where:    fontname     initial font name (default: Courier New)

Options:  /I:size      Initial font size (default: 12)
          /MAX:size    Maximum font size (default: 48)
          /MIN:size    Minimum font size (default:  6)
          /P:property  show only the requested Property for the selected font
                       on screen, instead of "all" properties; property can be
                       "Name", "Size", "Style", "Color", "RGB" or "CharSet"
          /C           allow Color change (requires /E)
          /E           allow Effects (e.g. strikeout and underline)
          /H           allow "script" fonts only, no symbols
          /S           allow Script (character set) change
          /V           allow Vector fonts
          /X           allow fiXed pitch fonts only

Return:   default      return code 0 on valid selection, -1 on cancel or error
          /R:C         Return code equals selected Character set number
          /R:R         Return code equals RGB value of selected color
          /R:S         Return code equals selected font Size (rounded)
          /R:Y         Return code equals selected stYle: Regular = 0,
                       Bold + 1, Italic + 2, Underline + 4, Strikeout + 8
                       e.g. return code 7 means Bold + Italic + Underline

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05