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GetSystemMetrics.exe,  Version 1.03
Wrapper for the WINAPI (user32.dll) GetSystemMetrics function

Usage:    GetSystemMetrics.exe  [ metric [ metric [..] ] | /L ]  [ /U ]

Where:    metric     is the name or number of a SystemMetric to be queried
                     (multiple metrics allowed)
          /L         List all metrics names, numbers and values, sorted by name
                     (default, implemented for backwards compatibility only)
          /U         open URL with list of metric values and their meanings

Notes:    If a single metric is specified, the program's return code will
          equal the value returned by the WINAPI GetSystemMetrics function,
          for multiple metrics the return code will be 0, in case of
          (command line) errors the return code will be -1.
          The meaning of the returned metric values can be found online at

Credits:  SystemMetric enumeration published by Gabriel T. Sharp on

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05