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Help text for GetSystemMetricsDLL.cs

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GetSystemMetrics.dll, Version
Read-only COM wrapper DLL for WINAPI (user32.dll) GetSystemMetrics

Usage in VBScript:

Set objSystemMetrics = CreateObject( "RobvanderWoude.GetSystemMetricsDLL" )

' Read some property values
WScript.Echo objSystemMetrics.SM_CXSCREEN
WScript.Echo objSystemMetrics.SM_CMONITORS
WScript.Echo objSystemMetrics.GetPropertyValue( "SM_CMONITORS" )

' Get the DLL's version
WScript.Echo objSystemMetrics.GetVersion( )

' List all available property names
WScript.Echo objSystemMetrics.ListPropertyNames( )

' List all property names and their values
Wscript.Echo objSystemMetrics.ListPropertyValues( )

' Show this help text
Wscript.Echo objSystemMetrics.GetHelp( )

Note:     All property values are returned as 32-bit integer.

          The meaning of the returned metric values can be found at

Credits:  SystemMetric enumeration published by Gabriel T. Sharp on

Copyright (C) 2017 Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05