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HasHID.exe,  Version 1.00
Count number of mice and/or keyboards available at this very moment

Usage:   HasHID.exe  [ /MOUSE | /KEYBOARD [ /USB | /OTHER ] ]  [ /Q ]

Where:   /MOUSE        count mice only (default: mice and keyboards)
         /KEYBOARD     count keyboards only (default: mice and keyboards)
         /USB          count USB keyboards only (default: all keybords)
         /OTHER        count OTHER (non-USB) keyboards only (default: all)
         /QUIET        QUIET mode (no screen output)

Notes:   By default this program counts all mice and keyboards.
         Switches may be abbreviated to /K, /M, /U, /O and/or /Q.
         The program's return code equals the number of devices of the
         specified type detected, or -1 in case of (command line) errors.

Credits: Based on C# wrapper for GetRawInputDeviceList by Pavel Pachobut

Written by Rob van der Woude

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