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ERROR:	Invalid command line switch /?

HasMouse.exe,  Version 4.00
Check the actual number of mice available at this very moment

Usage:   HasMouse.exe  [ type ]  [ output ]

Type:    /P   count PS/2 mice only   (default: all types)
         /S   count Serial mice only (default: all types)
         /U   count USB mice only    (default: all types)

Output:  /Q   Quiet mode: no screen output    (default: count only)
         /V   Verbose output: list properties (default: count only)

Notes:   This program requires elevated privileges; use version 3.00
         if you cannot guarantee elevated privileges.
         Mouse types can be combined, e.g. /P /U for PS/2 and USB mice;
         if no type is specified, all types will be listed.
         Command line switches /Q and /V are mutually exclusive.
         The program's return code equals the number of matching mice
         detected, or -1 in case of (command line) errors.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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