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HideInput,  Version 1.03
Batch utility to read 1 line of input while hiding what's being typed

Usage:   FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('HIDEINPUT  [ options ]') DO SET passwd=%%A

   or:   HIDEINPUT  [ options ] > file

Options: /C        Clear screen afterwards (no longer required to remove input
                   from keyboard buffer; provided for backwards compatibility)
         /F:action Filter special characters ^ & | < > ( ) " ' % ! and \
                   action can be A = Abort (input is discarded), D = DetectOnly
                   (input is left unchanged), E = EndOfInput (input is chopped
                   at first "forbidden" character), R = Remove (remove
                   "forbidden" characters) or W = WhiteSpace (replace
                   "forbidden" characters with spaces)
         /M:mask   specifies an optional mask that will be applied to the input

Notes:   HIDEINPUT /M without a mask will show help for the "mask language".
         Return code ("errorlevel") is 0 if valid input is received, 1 in case
         of (command line) errors, 2 if input is empty or whitespace only, 3 if
         "forbidden" characters were detected by the filter.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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