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IsRedirected,  Version 1.02
Test redirection of Standard Input, Standard Output and Standard Error

Usage:  ISREDIRECTED  [ /E | /I | /O | /V ]

Where:  /E   returns result for Standard Error  redirection only
        /I   returns result for Standard Input  redirection only (default: all)
        /O   returns result for Standard Output redirection only
        /V   Verbose mode: show detected redirections on screen

Notes:  The test result is returned as "errorlevel", where no redirection = 0,
        command line error = 1, Standard Input redirection = +2, Standard
        Output redirection = +4, and Standard Error redirection = +8.
        Redirected Standard Input is passed on unaltered to this program's
        Standard Output.
        This version of the program requires .NET Framework 4.5.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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