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KeyLocks.exe,  Version 1.01
Return status for CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock and Insert keys

Usage:  KEYLOCKS   [ /A ]  [ /C | /I | /N | /S ]  [ /L[:sec] ]  [ /T ]

Where:  /A         generate ANSI sequence of status
        /C         return code 1 if CapsLock is on, otherwise 0
        /I         return code 1 if Insert is on, otherwise 0
        /L[:sec]   continuous Loop with interval in seconds (1..10; default: 1)
        /N         return code 1 if NumLock is on, otherwise 0
        /S         return code 1 if ScrollLock is on, otherwise 0
        /T         show status in window Title

Notes:  /L excludes all other switches except /T.
        /T is of little use without /L as the title is restored to its
        previous state (without status) as soon as this program terminates.
        Switches /C, /I, /N and /S are all mutually exclusive.
        With /T status is shown in the console window title bar as CNSI where
        C is for CapsLock, N for NumLock, etcetera; a capital character means
        the key lock is on, a lower case character means it is off.
        In case of (command line) errors, the return code ("errorlevel") is -1.
        With /C, /I, /N and /S retun code is 0 for key lock off or 1 if on.
        With /L return code is 0.
        Otherwise the returncode represents the key locks status:
        0 if all key locks are off, +1 if capsLock is on,
        +2 if NumLock is on, +4 if ScrollLock is on, +8 if Insert is on.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05