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Kolor.exe,  Version 1.03
Set or get console background and foreground colors

Usage:  Kolor.exe  xy [ /Y ]

   or:  Kolor.exe  [ /B | /F | /T | /U ]

Where:  x    is a hexadecimal digit for the new background color
        y    is a hexadecimal digit for the new foreground color
        /B   returns the current Background color on screen and as return code
        /F   returns the current Foreground color on screen and as return code
        /T   Test: show console colors and their associated numbers
        /U   check for program Updates
        /Y   enforce new colors even if background and foreground colors are
             equal (default: when equal, change is ignored, return code 1)

Notes:  Unlike CMD's internal COLOR command, which changes the colors for the
        entire screen, KOLOR will only change the colors of the text displayed
        after the command is issued.
        Use KOLOR /T to see the available colors and their numbers.
        Kolor.exe without parameters returns current background and foreground
        colors as 16 * background + foreground, on screen and as return code.
        When setting colors, return code is 0, or 1 on error.
        When reading colors, return code is requested color(s), or 0 on error.
        Returned colors are shown in hexadecimal, for decimal use return code.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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