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ListIntCmd.exe,  Version 1.07
List all available internal commands

Usage:  LISTINTCMD  [ "separator" ]  [ /C ]  [ /L[:logfile] ]

Where:  separator     is the character or string used to separate the
                      command names in the output (default: linefeed)
        /C            Copies output to clipboard
        /L[:logfile]  Logs the entire search process to logfile
                      (default log file name and location:
                      ListIntCmd.log in program's parent folder)

Notes:  Use doublequotes if separator contains spaces or "special" characters.
        separator accepts \n for linefeeds, \t for tabs, \/ for slashes,
        \\ for backslashes, and """" for doublequotes.
        Return code 2 if commands could not be retrieved and default list
        had to be returned instead, 1 on other errors, 0 if all is well.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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