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ListVerbs.exe,  Version 1.01
List all verbs for the specified file extension

Usage:   ListVerbs   filetype  [ /V ]

Where:   filetype    is the file type to list the available verbs for
         /V          Verbose output, i.e. not just the verbs, but the
                     associated commands as well

Notes:   filetype can be specified as file extension including dot,
         e.g. ".odt", or as document type name associated with a file
         extension, e.g. "LibreOffice.WriterDocument"; in the latter
         case, output will be verbose whether /V switch is used or not.
         Verbose mode may sometimes find more verbs than normal mode.
         Return code ("errorlevel") equals the number of verbs found,
         or -1 in case of (command line) errors.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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