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LoCase.exe,  Version 2.04
Either rename specified files or render redirected input to lower case

Usage:    LOCASE.EXE  [ filespec  [ filespec  [ ... ] ] ]  [ options ]

or:       somecommand  |  LOCASE.EXE

Where:    filespec      file(s) to be renamed (wildcards allowed, default: *.*)
          somecommand   command whose output will be rendered to lower case
Options:  /I            Ignore file IO errors and continue (see Notes)
          /S:n [ /L:m ] modify only the substring Starting at n with Length m
                        (default: entire string; default length: until end)
           /V           Verbose mode: displays file renaming and files count

Notes:    Use doublequotes if filespec contains non-alphnumeric characters.
          If no folder is specified in filespec, current directory is assumed.
          Return code ("ErrorLevel") equals the number of renamed files,
          or the number of errors if /I is used, or -1 in case /I is not
          used and an error occurred.

Example:  LOCASE D:\folder\MYFILE.TXT /S:1
          will rename "D:\folder\MYFILE.TXT" to "D:\folder\Myfile.txt"

Example:  LOCASE D:\folder\MYFILE.TXT /S:0 /L:2
          will rename "D:\folder\MYFILE.TXT" to "D:\folder\myFILE.TXT"

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05