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Input.exe,  Version 1.00
Apply a mask to input text

Usage:   MaskText.exe  mask  [ text ]

   or:   command | MaskText.exe  mask

Where:   mask        is the mask to be applied to the input text
                     (type MaskText.exe /M  for help on the mask "language")
         text        is the input text to be matched against the mask
         command     is a console command whose output is piped as input text

Notes:   If text is specified on the command line, the program will ignore any
         piped input. If no text is specified on the command line, nor piped,
         the program will wait for typed input (no prompt).
         Whether interactive or piped, only one line of input text is accepted,
         i.e. everything including and following the first linefeed is ignored.
         Return code is 0 if the input text matches the mask, otherwise 1.

Credits: Code to detect redirection by Hans Passant on

Written by Rob van der Woude

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