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MonitorClipboard.exe,  Versipn
Monitor text on the clipboard in realtime

Usage:   MONITORCLIPBOARD.EXE  [ options ]

Options: /I:sec  defines the Interval in seconds with
                 which the clipboard is checked for text
                 (1..10 seconds; default: 1 second)
         /CM     Compact Mode: small window over taskbar
                 (default: normal window at center
                 of screen)
         /F:perc Font size percentage
                 (50..150; default: 100)
         /NM     sets the program's window to Non-Modal
                 (default: always on top)
         /D      Debug mode: send some debugging
                 information to the clipboard
                 (warning: this will overwrite the
                 current clipboard content)

Note:   Though invalid or duplicate arguments DO raise
        an error message, they are ignored.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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