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OpenFileBox.exe,  Version 1.05
Batch tool to present an Open File Dialog and return the selected file path

Usage:  OPENFILEBOX  [ "filetypes"  [ "startfolder"  [ "title" ] ] ]

Where:  filetypes    file type(s) in format "description (*.ext)|*.ext"
                     or just "*.ext" (default: "All files (*.*)|*.*")
        startfolder  the initial folder the dialog will show on opening
                     (default: current directory)
        title        the caption in the dialog's title bar
                     (default: "OpenFileBox,  Version 1.05)"

Notes:  This batch tool does not actually open the selected file, it is only
        intended to interactively select a file, which can be used by the
        calling batch file.
        Multiple file types can be used for the filetypes filter; use "|" as a
        separator, e.g. "PDF files (*.pdf)|*.txt|Word documents (*.doc)|*.doc".
        If the filetypes filter is in "*.ext" format, "ext files (*.ext)|*.ext"
        will be used instead.
        Unless the filetypes filter specified is "All files (*.*)|*.*" or
        "*.*", the filetypes filter "|All files (*.*)|*.*" will be appended.
        The full path of the selected file is written to Standard Output
        if OK was clicked, or an empty string if Cancel was clicked.
        The return code will be 0 on success, 1 in case of (command line)
        errors, or 2 if Cancel was clicked.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05