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Help text for OpenFolderBox.cs

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OpenFolderBox.exe,  Version 1.03
Batch tool to present a Browse Folders Dialog and return the selected path

Usage:  OPENFOLDERBOX  [ "startfolder"  [ "description" ] ]  [ /MD ]

Where:  "startfolder"  is the initial folder the dialog will show on opening
                       (default: current directory)
        "description"  is the text above the dialog's tree view
                       (default: "OpenFolderBox,  Version 1.03")
        /MD            display the "Make New Folder" button
                       (default: hide the button)

Notes:  Though the "Make New Folder" button is hidden by default, this does
        not inhibit manipulating folders using right-click or Shift+F10.
        The full path of the selected folder is written to Standard Output
        if OK was clicked, or an empty string if Cancel was clicked.
        The return code will be 0 on success, 1 in case of (command line)
        errors, or 2 if Cancel was clicked.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05