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PingSite,  Version 1.21
Check if a website is up and running

Usage: PINGSITE  url  [ /Status[:expected] ]  [ /Interval:seconds ]
                      [ /Variable ]  [ /Beep ]  [ /Changes | /Quiet ]

Where:  url        is the URL of the site or page to check (including http://)
        /Beep      beep on changes or if response does not match expected
        /Changes   display status changes only (requires /Interval)
        /Interval  defines the optional interval in seconds between checks
                   (default if not specified: terminate after 1 check)
        /Quiet     no screen output, 'errorlevel' only
        /Status    is either the expected numeric HTTP response code, or
                   'OK' for 200, 301..307 (default)
        /Variable  shorter interval on mismatch (requires /Interval & /Status)

Notes: If /Status was used, 'errorlevel' 0 is returned if status matches
       expected, 2 if not; otherwise the actual status code is returned as
       'errorlevel'; in case of (command line) errors 1 is returned.
       Switches /Interval and /Quiet are mutually exclusive.
       Switches may be abbreviated, e.g. /I instead of /Interval.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05