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PrintAny.exe,  Version 3.04
Print files using the registered Print(To) command or verb for the file types

Usage:    PrintAny.exe  filespec  [ printer ]  [ options ]

Where:    filespec  the file(s) to be printed (wildcards allowed)
          printer   the printer to be used

Options:  /NP       No Printer check: skip check for printer in WMI
                    (may be necessary for network printers)
          /NV       No Verb: force the program to find the Print(To) command
                    in the registry (may be necessary for some combinations
                    of file type and printer, e.g. PDFs on network printers)

Examples: PrintAny.exe "d:\some folder\some file.doc"
          PrintAny.exe "d:\some folder\some file.pdf" "Color Printer Sales"
          PrintAny.exe "d:\some folder\*.pdf" "\\server\printer" /NP /NV

Notes:    Use doublequotes if the file and/or printer names contain spaces.
          The Print(To) verb or command is displayed for each matching file.
          Not all file types have registered Print(To) commands or verbs.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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