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PrintExcel.exe,  Version 1.00
Command line Excel sheet printing tool

Usage:   PrintExcel.exe  file  sheet  [ firstcell  lastcell ]  [ printer ]

Where:   file         is the Excel file to be printed
         sheet        is the sheet name or (1 based) index to be printed
         firstcell    is the first cell of the range to be printed
         lastcell     is the last cell of the range to be printed
         printer      is the printer name

Notes:   Instead of a sheet name/index, /ALL can be used to print all sheets.
         The default range to be printed is the sheet's "used range".
         If no printer is specified, the default printer will be used.
         Return code is 1 if an error is detected, otherwise 0.

Example: PRINTEXCEL  sales.xls  Sheet1  A1  F45  "LaserJet Sales 1st Floor"

Written by Rob van der Woude

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